Terry Buchholz (Niemcy)
Hope to See You Soon
(photography, objects, performance)


the tent

in the grove

the light

the rustle of leaves

cackling of geese

shouting, playing, discussing

The video shows a 20–minute view of a tent from the outside. The perspective of the camera remains unchanged. Inside the tent two children are playing. They can only be seen shortly at the beginning and the end of the video. Now and again their bodies are pressing a bump in the outer wall of the small tent. Only the lights and shadows, caused by the waving tree–tops, change the colour on the tent cloth.

I have recorded the video of my two children two years ago in Connecticut. It has been cut as a four–hour loop and is also shown before and after the performance.

Premises: The gallery consists of two rooms overlooking the street. They are connected and almost symmetrical. The windows of the room where the video is shown are closed and the panes are covered with white paper. The incident light looks milky. Both windows of the room next door are opened and give view of the street. It is 9 p.m. and it is getting dark. The street is covered in a bluish light and so is the gallery. You hear the rustle and the shouts from the video next door as well as the noise of the Wschodnia street.

Performance: lenght approx. 7 minutes Arms and legs wide apart, the man stands in the door frame connecting the two rooms, his back turned to the room where the video is shown. I reach for the pot containing paint of a bright red colour and I start painting the man's face with my free hand. More and more he turns into a red object d'art. The paint is wet and glossy. I spread yellow highlights into the wet red – I paint his front from head to toe.

Now he leaves his place. He goes to the wall between the two open windows and stamps his body onto the white wall while I start painting his neck, his back, his arms and legs.

The man is painted all over. He steps back from the wall. Now he lies down flat on the floor and I bend over the man who is lying on his back, and I put the final colour spots into his open palms, onto his forehead, his nose, his breast, tights and feet.

I start to pick up bunches of green leaves from beside me and gradually I am framing them around his stretched out body. I am throwing green leaves and white clover into the glossy paint until all leaves and blossoms me are spread out.

the man gets up
he leaves the room
– the impression stays –
The calling of the children fills the room
and the rustle of the leaves continues
night has fallen
and from the street on can hear the siren of a police car.