Anna Klimczak (Koszalin)
Poland Now (installation)

I deal with various areas of art.: installation, objects, structures, slogans, etc. I work with existing situations, taking advantage of clear and obvious facts such as space, object and word. I manipulate their meanings, forms, functions and also certain intellectual stereotypes concerning a given problem. Through reversing the situation, seeing it "upside down", changing the usual way of looking at it and through pushing logic away from the system of so called "correct arrangements" and meanings I aim at creating reality in which a lack of reference or consistency will reduce the so called knowledge of the object to a minimum.
In other words I try to change such knowledge by opening at the same time
an opportunity to see the object anew. Attempting to show certain gaps in reasoning or provoking a reconsideration of a given problem. I often use irrational or mockery forms at the same time, taking advantage of existing situations. However, it is frequently the case that a seeming obviousness or
a seeming logic of an existing space or object (with which I want to work) surprises me to such an extent that I feel helpless. Then I use very simple and logical arrangements, objects and ideas, perhaps to keep balance. As a result, however, elements or systems put together influence and change each other, leading to questions about the origin of things – before and after they become one whole. They are questions about meaning and function. Certain new reality is created in this way. We will understand it as much as we can say we understand the reality of our everyday life.

Anna Klimczak