Jacek Mrozowicz (Łódź)
trace (paintings)

project CONTINUUM 2001

A trace is being left inside us, it is leaving its stamp on our consciousness and is moulding us. But a trace is also what we leave after us.
There are such many places which we've been to and which have made a strong impression on us - a view from a room, a layout of cobblestones, a grid of streets, a landscape reaching to very horizon - all that our brain can record and that which is sometimes arranged into an abstract, but still legible picture; built up out of many overlapping associations, which are the registration of semiotic signs, each with its meaning. The meaning, though the same for all and yet full of nuances, is essential for the diversity of understanding and perception. Images - the signs, images - the traces bring to our memory a space permeated with individual atmosphere, containing some pecular character, beauty and originality.

In this space our imagination and perception provoke us to create new things.
The people we meet also leave the traces of their personality inside us. A word, a thought, an idea - transformed in the mind - evaluates and opens a door we face, which has been locked so far.

The traces are what constitute my painting. They are reflection of my thoughts and images, my personality.

Text by: Magdalena Swiatczak
Translated by: Zbigniew Kowalski and Anna Petrie


photo © Jerzy Grzegorski